Transmission Fluid

The most important thing that will keep an automatic transmission performing like new is the transmission fluid. You know how important changing the engine oil on time is, and the serious damage that can occur if you don’t. The same is the case with changing the transmission fluid, but this is one area that is very often neglected, resulting in serious damage to the transmission.

Always follow what your vehicle manufacturer suggests. If your manufacturer suggests that you change your automatic transmission fluid after every 40,000 miles, do it on time. To be on the safer side we recommend changing the transmission fluid between 25,000 and 30,000 miles. This will help ensure that the transmission unit keeps performing like new. It is better to change the transmission fluid before it loses it’s cooling and lubricating properties which will happen if you fail to keep the transmission fluid fresh and clean.

When You Think There’s a Problem - Act Immediately!

After driving the same vehicle day in and day out you will likely become familiar with how your vehicle sounds and feels when it shifts. In many cases, a customer will be able to feel or hear when the transmission is not performing well. It is at this point that you should have your vehicle inspected by a mechanic. Having the vehicle properly inspected in a timely manner and explaining the changes in sounds or performance could be a factor in saving you a significant amount of money in a repair. Many times it is something minor that if caught early can be affordably repaired. That is why it is import to not hesitate.  Call us today if you have a question.

Always be alert and acting right away could help you avoid having to have a complete transmission overhaul.  We always recommend having an inspection done by a professional and reputable repair shop for the best results.

Do you need a transmission repair?

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